Our Services

Demonstration & Site Evaluation

At AbsoluteSignal we want you to see a Signal Booster system perform before spending your hard earned money. This requires an on-site demonstration. We'll send a Signal Booster Specialist to your location to perform a "soft install" or demonstration. This demonstration is PROOF that AbsoluteSignal can resolve your weak signal issues. We challenge you to find another company that will demonstrate a successful solution prior to your purchase. While on property, our team will gather critical data needed to design your system and provide a final quote. The site evaluation and demonstration will take approximately one hour for a standard residential system. Commercial projects will obviously take longer dependent on the scope of the project. There is a site evaluation fee to cover the expenses of sending our signal booster team to your location. This fee is applied towards the final invoice should you accept our quote.

Hardware Design & Sales

AbsoluteSignal understands that you have choices when it comes to purchasing a Signal Booster system. Most companies offer options that are sold as "kits". These kits are packaged by the manufacturer and are intended to be a one size fits all solution. The problem with that approach is each customer has different needs and no two projects are alike.

At AbsoluteSignal, our team focuses on fulfilling the needs of the customer. That's right, we actually engage in dialogue that reveals your needs and we design a Signal Booster system to meet those needs. We don't believe in a cookie cutter approach so we engineer and design each system to address your needs and exceed expectations.


AbsoluteSignal team of installation professionals are certified by the manufacturers such as Surecall, Wilson, Zboost, CSI, Andrew. We train our entire staff as we feel every representative of AbsoluteSignal should be qualified to discuss all aspects of your Signal booster system. We have successfully installed hundreds of systems in buildings ranging from 250 square feet construction trailers to 175,000 square feet high rise office buildings. The AbsoluteSignal installation team is qualified, certified, and eager to install your Signal Booster system.

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